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Ethiopia with ancient history, age-old culture, breathtaking highland scenery, waterfalls, castles, rock churches, multi ethnic group and so much more. This tour takes you to one of the most magnificent cultural heritage and landscapes on Ethiopia's historic route and South Omo Valley. In this fascinating part of Africa, the past comes alive in the form of strange and beautiful monuments and ruins, built long centuries ago in what used to be one of the greatest kingdoms of the World. This 10 days trip comprises of the striking and famous rock-hewn churches of Lalibella built more than 800 years ago, the Castles of Gondar, the monasteries on the island of Lake Tana, the Great Blue Nile falls, the magnificent steale of Tiya and the friendly and charming people of south Omo Valley are the places that has been designated by UNESCO as world heritage. This is accurately a trip of a life time for everyone!